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Edible Oil Testing

Oils acts as a vehicle to carry the soluble vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants to the body.

On the basis of these recommendations there are 3 parameters to adjudge any oil as healthy oil.

  •  Ratio of saturated/mono saturated/polyunsaturated fatty acid ,ratio of essential fatty acids (omega6/omega3) and presence of natural antioxidants.
  •  It is now widely accepted that what the human body needs is a ratio varying from 5:1 to 10:1 of omega 6 to omega 3.
  • The ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) and saturated fatty acids (SFA) should be between  0.8 to 1.0

We provide service of measuring physio chemical properties of oils

  • Iodine value
  • Acid Value
  • Saponification
  • Peroxide Value
  • Detecting of Carbon atoms and fatty acid analysis of oils