Royal Life sciences Pvt Ltd
Genomic Services

We are Importer & Distributor of the following Genomic Services:

  1. 18S rDNA sequencing of fungi
  2. 16S rDNA sequencing of Bacteria
  3. 16S rDNA sequencing of Actinomycetes / Yeast
  4. Sequencing of Virus only if PCR product is the given sample
  5. Primer Sequencing above 1.5kb single strand per bp
  6. Purified plasmid(single strand) primer walking of 4.8kb
  7. G+C Content
  8. Phylogenic tree analysis
  9. 16s rDNA if PCR product is given sample 500-1500 bp ( repeated reaction)
  10. Algae identification (400-800bp fragment of 16srDNA)
  11. Yeast identification (sequence polymorphism in 2 regions of rDNA gene)
  12. Molecular analysis of total genomic DNA through RAPD and RFLP
  13. Detection of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)