Midi Sherlock


Midi Sherlock

The most rapid, accurate and cost-effective method of Microbial Identification and Fatty Acid Characterization...
Identifying any microbe from strain to genome is just a call away.

Royal life sciences is a sole distributor of MIDI Sherlock® Microbial Identification System (MIS) for Bahrain, Burindi, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malawi, Oman, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Zambia .

We are Value-added reseller of Agilent Technologies to provide single-window solutions and turnkey Project for establishing MIDI Sherlock Lab with Online /Offline support by providing AMC. We are authorized one stop shop for MIDI Sherlock to supply uninterrupted consumables & spares.

Advantages of the MIDI Sherlock.

The Sherlock MIS used globally has more than 5,000 journal citations referencing the technology.

  • Established Technology Globally and more than 750 peer-reviewed references
  • Extensive Libraries of over 2,000 microbial species
  • Consumable Cost of less than Rs 28/- per test(no proprietary reagents or biochemical cards. Reagents can be made from local branded chemicals available in the market)
  • Automated analysis with no GC experience required
  • Standardized Procedure with no Gram stain, biochemical test cards or previous knowledge of microbe required
  • Customized libraries and peak naming for species-level ID, Microbial Community Analysis (e.g. PLFA), or Edible Oil Analysis
  • Rapid ID in as little as 15 minutes from pure culture
  • Powerful Software for real-time strain tracking, microbial community analysis, etc.
  • Technical Support from microbiologists, software and instrumentation experts
  • Represents the only automated PLFA naming method and software tool package available
  • Identification up to sub-species level is possible
  • Can perform a "polyphasic" analysis(, which combines FAME and 16S DNA Sequencing
  • Real-time strain tracking analysis tools, which were developed in conjunction with the U.S. Army
  • PLFAD1 Package in use (Sales and Contract Services) in:19 countries

Governmental organizations in 13 countries are satisfying using Sherlock system.

  • Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Rep., France, Germany, India, Ireland, Senegal, South Korea, Spain and USA
  • Major Agri-biotech businesses, including Dow AgroSciences and Monsanto
  • MIDI automated this technology in 2003 with the introduction of the Sherlock™ Mycobacterial Identification System (MYCO-LCS). The MYCO-LCS is widely-used in US public health laboratories at the City, County and State level, as well as reference laboratories in other countries.
  • The software currently operates with Agilent Technologies and Shimadzu Scientific Instruments hardware.